Sign up for Enquire – Connect – Inspire

So what is Enquire – Connect – Inspire?

Are you an aspiring, trainee or qualified ACP?

Are you interested in connecting with other like minded professionals across the country… then this initiative is for you!! 

Enquire, connect and inspire today!! 

One of the best things about setting up the respiratory ACP network has been the opportunity to meet people from across the country to learn about each other’s roles, encourage each other and support each other with our shared passion. 

It’s meant we really value each other and we want to extend this gift to you. 

This is open to all those interested in advancing practice no matter where you work. 

How do I apply?

Enquire – use the form below to sign up to the programme.

Connect – we will be in touch with you with the contact details of two other professionals that have signed up. 

Inspire – then it’s over to you. Set up a teams date and sit back with a brew and a slice of cake and be inspired and encouraged to share each others journey and hopefully learn something about yourself or others along the way. 

Finally, don’t forget to let us know how you get on! 

Closing date 30th November 2021

#enquireconnectinspire #advancingpractice #respiratoryacpnetwork #acplife  

Entries for Enquire – Connect – Inspire are now closed. We will be in touch with all entrants soon.

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